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Being a Star Wars Guy When you grow up

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 22, 2010

My son asked me today if he could be a Star Wars guy when he grows up.  I told him he could and then got to thinking about what it would be like if you could use “The Force” as an adult.

In college it would be very useful in getting chicks.  Of course there would be many moral dilemas when using the force on women.  You could also use the force to get out of a DUI.  There are many times that a married man could use the force around the house.  I can hear my wife now.  “You are right, you shouldn’t take the trash out.  I will do it now” 

May the force be with you queers


Haven’t heard this classic in a long time

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 22, 2010

This guy has great job interviewing technique…cuss your possible boss out to get the job

We’ve Moved Letter

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 22, 2010

Just got one of those “We’ve moved” letters from a friend who had moved from Atlanta to Kansas.  That has to suck.  What in the hell can you do in Kansas besides chase tornados?  I sent the guy an email and said that I wanted to come chase tornados one weekend.  If you remember the gay movie Twister you will understand my request.  I told him I would like to join a competitive tornado chasing team for the weekend.  I want to be on the well-funded team like the bad guys in Twister.  They had much nicer trucks and equipment.  It would add to my experience to be on the team that cuts off the other team to get on the best back roads and get closer to the tornados.  I love these movies where they are struggling for a plotline and they create the good guy/bad guy groups.  Thanks for keeping me entertained Hollywood bitches.

World Cup Soccer is Boring

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 21, 2010

I just find the game boring.  There is not enough action and there are always such low scores like the one below.

Maybe it’s the wine but I’m inspired tonight…I’m definitely bi-polar

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 18, 2010

First, I have a confession to make.  I drink wine out of a kid’s cup.  Many people feel fancy drinking out of wine glasses.  I don’t.  They are a pain in the ass.  It’s not comfortable.  Here is a picture of the glass I’m drinking out of right now…it’s small and simple:

Second, there is finally a quality song out. I’m tired of all the hip hop and wigger shit.  Finally I have a good song for your Friday night:

Good shit!

Staying up on who’s dead

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I’m sitting here drinking my wine and working.  My four year old is watching Jurassic Park.  He just informed me that Mr. Yodaski and Cooper are dead.  The dinasours have eaten them.  Now you know.

You just can’t say anything on TV anymore

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So I’m watching CNBC trying to Catch up on the BP Oil spill…

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and this porn filth comes up on the screen.  What is this world coming to?

Howard Stern Staff Tribute to the Backstreet Boys

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 17, 2010

I can remember when the Backstreet Fags were talking about how they were going to be around forever….this is Howard Stern’s Backside Boys

Best Line:  “Use my rectum like an ash tray”


This is titled Bullying the Bully…

Posted in Uncategorized by peakisms on June 15, 2010

but I’m kind of confused.  If I see a guy being a bully to someone, my first thought is to watch and be entertained.  My second thought is that someone else can deal with that.  It’s not my problem.  I’m not sure what my third thought is but I can assure you it’s not to pull the bully’s pants down and then stare him down.  I guess the lesson here is that if you see someone bullying someone you should immediately pull their pants down to let them know that you’re a gay man that doesn’t tolerate bullies.