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I started running and eating right AGAIN Recently

Posted in Personal by peakisms on April 29, 2010

When my wife and I got married I was relatively hot.  Since then my decline in appearance has been gradual but apparent.  I’ve gone downhill and it’s a pretty steep hill.  Recently, it came to my attention that my wife was in possession of an old photo of me when we were dating.  It was even more disturbing to learn that she had the picture in her possession to show her friends as if to say “Look, I really did have a reason to marry him”   I got the picture.  No pun intended.  I guess we all get wake up calls in life.   Oh, I will miss you McDonalds.  I’m sure we will meet again and do this thing all over again down the road.  I will post the old photos soon.  In the meantime I’m hitting the road bitches.